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Working capital is a great way for companies to generate capital and start focusing on business growth. To get anywhere in the business world, it is extremely important to have the capital on hand to cover the costs of marketing, payroll and other financial expenses that occur within the daily operations of your company.

How to use working capital?

How to use working capital?

Working capital is the money available to operate the immediate and short-term needs of your company. Its capital is often in the form of money in the bank or redeemable notes. And often a small business may not have enough working capital to keep it running until it reaches break even.

Although you may have been successful in the past to secure some form of financing to start your business business and establish a solid customer base, access to the working capital needed to fund growth can often become a hindrance for many entrepreneurs in any moment.

Many small business owners can turn to their own personal resources to meet their financial business needs. Although it sounds like a good idea at first glance, a better idea might be to use a working capital loan to keep your company’s money separate from your pocket as well as meet your needs with money to spare. As the name suggests, working capital loans are intended to finance daily expenses (such as salaries of paying employees) related to the daily operation of a business. It is not intended to be used for things like investing or buying long-term assets.

What is working capital?

What is working capital?

As a business grows, it starts tying up a lot of money in the day-to-day operations of the company that has nothing to do with its profits or losses. This type of cash consumption is called working capital. In accounting terms, working capital is equal to current assets minus current liabilities. In popular terminology, working capital is what your customers owe you plus any inventory you have built less than you owe to your suppliers and employees. Working capital also includes any money you have in the bank. It’s the money you put to “spin” that is easily accessible.

Without planning, getting a working capital loan just helps your business sink further. (Photo: capitalloans.com)

What is the working capital loan?

What is the working capital loan?

A working capital loan is a type of specialized loan that is awarded to companies and designed to meet the daily financial needs of running a business. Unlike traditional business loans that are designed for specific purposes, with a working capital loan your business is not required to submit the purpose of the loan to the lender during the application process, they will approve the loan regardless of how the money is being used. Working capital loans are typically not used to buy assets or for long term financing, it is a short term business financing option offered by the lenders.

For what purposes should we use a working capital loan?

For what purposes should we use a working capital loan?

The list of things for which you should not use the loan for (asset purchase, long-term financing) is much smaller than the things for which working capital was made. Although the situations may be different, the goal is to increase working capital. There are a number of different options according to the needs of your business.

Maybe you know that you will have a number of less profitable months during the year, you can use the loan to meet your payroll or other recurring payment obligations during those months. Or, maybe you need to stock up on inventory before the holiday season arrives and you do not have enough money on hand. In the same vein, the loan may allow you to be able to take advantage of the discounts on purchases that are offered to you by the suppliers.

Small businesses use these short-term loans to cover unexpected losses as well. Maybe you have increased expenses due to additional marketing efforts, new employees or a change of office. Or it’s time for you to upgrade, upgrade or remodel your office space or current product lines. Maybe the economy has led you to have an additional slow growing number of paying customers and you need to make funds. And it is possible that some recent operating losses may have reduced or depleted your cash reserves.

In other words, for just about any business looking for some quick financing, a working capital loan is definitely a great option to consider.

Advantages of a Working Capital Loan

Advantages of a Working Capital Loan

You are prepared to deal with any financial difficulties that may arise. Even a company that has billions of dollars in fixed assets quickly finds itself in bankruptcy court if it can not pay its monthly bills. In the best of circumstances, lack of working capital leads to financial pressure on a company, an increase in indebtedness and delays in paying creditors, all of which result in a mistrust of the market. The higher risk means that banks can charge a higher interest rate for any borrowed money. Applying for and using a working capital loan when you need it most will keep you in business when financial problems occur.

You can and will maintain ownership of your company. If you were to receive funding from an investor, you probably have to give a generous percentage of your company in return. In turn, you are giving a portion of your decision-making ability as well. But, if you take out loan from a bank or other financial institution, you are required to make the payments agreed on time. But that is the end of your obligation to the lender. You can choose to continue your business the way you choose without external interference.

No guarantees required. In general, there are two types of loans, secured and unsecured. Working capital comes in both flavors, though many are unsafe. Guaranteed working capital loans are given only to small businesses that have a good track record of payments and / or have little or no default risk. If you are lucky enough to qualify for an unsecured loan, you will not need to put your business, inventory, or anything else to secure the loan. Of course, repaying the loan back is critical because they will come after you.

Shorter time limits for short-term problems. Working capital loans are designed to help with infusing money into your business for the short term. A little something here, another there, and a much-needed injection of money. You do not have to plan for years of monthly payments to pay back what you borrowed.

You can use the money as you see fit. Banks and lenders have little or no restriction on how you use the money. They just want you to use the money to keep your operations or to do things that will increase your revenue opportunities. This works well because as a smart businessman, it is exactly what you want to do with the money as well.

Fast! Applying for a typical business loan or personal loan can take up a lot of your precious time, and may not end in approval. What’s the point of going through an excessive bureaucracy, a lengthy approval process, placing collateral, personally securing the loan, making fixed monthly payments, and having restrictions on how you use the money if your application is only going to be denied? A working capital loan is a great way to get cash fast and without the hassles associated with a traditional bank loan. These loans allow borrowers to access the money almost immediately, usually within a week after the application is accepted.

Disadvantages of a Working Capital Loan

Disadvantages of a Working Capital Loan

Refund. Yes, you really have to repay the loan. This is usually a fact when you borrow money. As with any type of loan, the only obligation with the lender is to make your payments. Unfortunately, even if your business fails, you will still have to make these payments. And if you are forced to file bankruptcy, your creditors will be entitled to repayment before any investors.

Some warranties required. Many working capital loans require a certain degree of security for the lender. In today’s economy, a bank would like some assurance that you will pay it back. A secured loan is one in which the collateral is received in exchange for financing. The warranty can be something like a factory, home, inventory or even jewelry. These items can also be given as collateral, even if there are mortgages on them. Although the amount of collateral for a working capital loan may vary according to the banks, most often look at information such as history with the bank and other information to see your credit repayment history.

Higher interest rates. As unsecured working capital loans are riskier for lenders, they generally include higher interest rates than secured commercial loans. This means that your company will pay more over the life of the loan than it would have paid for a secured loan in the same amount. Higher interest rates also make individual loan payments larger and sometimes harder to bear. Finally, unsecured business loans are harder to qualify for. If your company has a bad or nonexistent relationship with your bank or financial institution, the lender may not approve your request.

Potential impacts on your relationship with the bank. It may seem like a good idea to take out loans when your small business needs money, but every loan will be written down in your relationship. And the more you ask, the greater the risk to the lender, and the higher the interest rate you will pay. Also, slow payment or no payment will be harmful, so it is necessary to make sure that you will be able to pay any money borrowed.

Short deadlines. Yes, this is a benefit and a disadvantage based on your business needs. The major disadvantage of getting funds from this type of loan is the fact that the financing is intended only for short term solutions. These loans will not be enough for long term business goals or comprehensive business projects, which will have larger investments with longer repayment terms.

Banks sometimes lend money in the short term to small businesses that allow them to get off the ground and grow. Working capital is a great way for companies to generate capital and start focusing on growing the business. To get anywhere in the business world, it is important to have the capital on hand to cover marketing costs, payroll, and any other financial expenses that occur within your business. Instead of exhausting all your finances to meet your financial needs, use a working capital loan to keep the money in your pocket as well as meet your needs with money to spare.

Are you ready to see what your business could do with a working capital loan?

Are you ready to see what your business could do with a working capital loan?

A working capital loan is one of the easiest ways to fully exploit the potential of your business. If you are in a solid financial position but just need a little extra help to make this expansion necessary or find that extra employee that can give your business a start, why not consider what one of these loans can do for you? With correct payment planning and access to credit lines with lower interest rates, such as BNDES credits, you can easily plan the loan repayment in your business plan and recover your company.

Working capital can also be obtained from other sources, such as angel investors. But as we said earlier, it can be tricky to involve another person in your business. Despite all the possibilities, make a good financial planning and come back here in the comments to clarify any doubts that may appear during your clarification.

Easy loans to bad payers and protesters: how to get them and the financial ones http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/easy-loans-to-bad-payers-and-protesters-how-to-get-them-and-the-financial-ones/ http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/easy-loans-to-bad-payers-and-protesters-how-to-get-them-and-the-financial-ones/#respond Fri, 15 Mar 2019 15:32:58 +0000 http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/2019/03/15/easy-loans-to-bad-payers-and-protesters-how-to-get-them-and-the-financial-ones/

It may seem almost an oxymoron, a contradiction, to talk about easy loans to bad payers and protesters, the difficulties and the restrictions of access to credit being well known for those who have been reported in the registers of the financial circuit due to mistakes in the recent past. We can certainly say that there are ways of financing and types of financial companies that make it easier to obtain capital, perhaps even a small amount, and even with a certain speed if one turns to online institutions, which operate through the web makes it possible to reduce both the costs of the loan and the timing of the preliminary phase. If you want to know everything about easy loans bad payers and protesters, or how to get them without too many problems and the financial ones that supply them, continue reading our guide dedicated to the subject.

Easy loans, what solutions?

easy loans protested bad payers

Speaking of easy loans for bad payers and protesters, what financial companies and credit institutions can offer to those who have had financial problems are essentially two types of financing, or

  • Employee loans
  • Loan changed

The first loan lends itself to being paid to employees of the public and private sector with a permanent contract (and with some limitations even to those with a fixed-term contract), and to pensioners: in this case, loan can also include debt consolidation always through the sale of the fifth, and the delegation of payment for employees. On the other hand, the loan with bills of exchange, while being open to any category of subject, is the easy solution for self-employed workers, freelancers and in general all those who do not have a pay slip to present as a guarantee of income. Let’s see in detail how both these types of financing work.

Employee loans

We begin our examination of bad loans, bad payers and protested with the sale of the fifth, a type of financing reserved for employees and pensioners. This is a loan not intended for the purchase of a specific asset, and therefore does not require any documentary evidence of expense when the credit application is submitted, has a fixed rate for the entire duration of the loan, and is characterized by the particular method of reimbursement, whereby the monthly repayment installment cannot exceed one fifth of the total amount of one’s salary or monthly net pension. The financial institutions easily grant the fifth assignment also to the bad payers and those who have suffered protests because the monthly payment through which the capital repaid is repaid plus interest is made through a direct deduction, made in a pay slip or on the pension slip by the employer, in the case of employees, or by the pension institution, in the case of pensioners, who pay the amount owed to credit institutions and financial companies, which thus need not fear a failure to pay the installments. There may be interest rates, in particular the APR, slightly higher for protesters and bad payers, due to the presence of a compulsory insurance to be underwritten, but in general there is no difficulty in providing a loan in the presence of a time-based pay slip undetermined, or in the presence of a social security benefit.

In summary, the main features of the fifth sale are:

  • Direct withholding of the salary or pension payment
  • Installment amount that cannot exceed one fifth of the salary or pension
  • Amortization period between 24 and 120 months
  • No guarantor required
  • No proof of expenditure
  • Insurance coverage (mandatory for pensioners and bad payers)

Loan with bills of exchange

Loan with bills of exchange

Who does not have a pay slip or a social security check to present to guarantee the credit has many difficulties to access a loan: therefore the easy loan solution for bad payers and protested in such situations necessarily becomes the loan or exchange rate changed if you prefer, which no longer provides for the classic amortization installments but just credit instruments, known as bills, duly signed and endorsed by a stamp, with an expiration date, which allows the funding body to foreclose the debtor’s assets in the event of missed balance of what agreed. On average through a loan with bills of exchange you can get up to 50,000 euros, but the convenience to stipulate this type of loan is related to the costs, higher than a classic loan, and also to the actual repayment capacity, so it could be useful to request a figure lower or in any case more sustainable, thus avoiding seeing one’s assets or assets seized.

The peculiar features of the loan are:

  • Ease of delivery even for self-employed and unemployed (with guarantor) with mistakes
  • Granting of the sum of money within 24/48 hours
  • Possibility to postpone the payment after agreement with the creditor institution
  • TANs and APRs higher than the market average
  • Insurance coverage (very often mandatory)

After seeing how to get easy loans to protesters and bad payers, we want to offer some examples of financial resources to turn to for credit in the event of negative reports at the banking registers.

Assignment of the fifth and delegation with Fincance

Assignment of the fifth and delegation with Fincance

We begin our discussion with Fincance, which proposes to its customers reported as bad payers or protested both the fifth assignment and the delegation of payment. This is reserved only for employees with permanent contracts, a type of loan that can be combined with the sale of the fifth in order to obtain additional liquidity, paying a maximum installment of two fifths of the net salary. There are though of the limitations especially the employees of private companies, for which it is necessary to have an adequate severance pay and a certain seniority in order to access the financing. Also for the loan delegation, as for the assignment of the fifth, the withholding of the installments takes place directly in the employee’s pay slip or on the pensioner’s slip, thus acting as a guarantee for the credit institutions and the financial companies to grant the loan to the bad payers : however, unlike the normal fifth sale, the payment mandate requires the authorization to proceed by the employer.

Coming to the offer of Fincance, the very convenient proposal also for bad payers is of loans with TAN at 3.95 per cent, having the possibility to request up to 75,000 euros. In any case, you can fill out the form on the official website to obtain a financing estimate within a few hours.

Financemm also for loan changes

Financemm is a financial intermediary that operates on the web, and allows you to make a request for a quote for various types of financing without the request being reported in the end-to-end knowledge company database of bad payers, so that in case of a negative outcome you can explore other opportunities of credit without having to get stuck as required by law. Once the application has been made, a consultant is called to assess the offers available in his financial situation, and possibly make an appointment, even at home. With Financemm, they can generally be requested

  • Personal loans
  • Debt consolidation loan
  • Loans changed
  • Mortgages for home purchase, restructuring, liquidity, subrogation, replacement
  • Fifth salary or pension transfer
  • Delegation of payment

Therefore protested and bad payers, both employed and retired and self-employed, can find solutions with this financial company to find capital in a short time and with relative ease.

The sale of the fifth of Ultranix

One of the most important financial companies operating online in Italy is Ultranix, through which to request the transfer of the fifth as an easy loan for bad payers and protesters : Ultranix proposes solutions in fact even in the case of other outstanding loans and any previous access difficulties to credit, without having to resort to a third party guarantor, who would lengthen the time for a possible consent to the loan application. The sale of the fifth Ultranix proposes fixed TAN and variable APR depending on the cases and the type of request. The current offer, valid until December 31st 2018, proposes a TAN of 4.91 per cent, which can be changed only in the event of a request in the branch, while this value remains very attractive in case of forwarding of the loan application on line.

Astrofinance cession of the fifth


Astrofinance, another of the most avant-garde companies in the field of online financial transactions, which allows the entire operation on the Internet, including sending documents and signing of the loan agreement, in full security thanks to the digital signature. The sale of the fifth Astrofinance proposes zero expenses for

  • Brokerage commissions and practical management
  • Stamp duty for periodic communications
  • Stamp duty substituted
  • Commissions for practical preliminary investigation

Periodically Astrofinance offers financing offers at particularly advantageous conditions: until November 30, 2018 it proposes

16,000 euros to be repaid in 120 installments, with fixed TAN 5.80 percent, fixed APR 5.95 percent. Being a fifth assignment obviously the monthly payment cannot exceed 20 per cent of one’s salary or pension, but the security of the reimbursement modality allows the disbursement to protested and bad payers.

Small loan with bills of exchange with BeloCredit

Finally we present a small loan offer with bills from BeloCredit, which proposes to the protesters and bad payers to be able to obtain a sum between 2000 and 5000 euros to be repaid within a maximum of 36 months (minimum amortization of three months), for all those who are between 18 and 75 years old. However, there are limitations regarding the categories of financeable subjects: Fast Credit does not finance self-employed workers, employees with temporary or fixed-term contracts, integrated employees, freelancers, pensioners who receive only a disability check or social allowances.


As we have seen the subject easy loans bad payers and protesters is quite thorny, since there are always various obstacles, limitations and criticalities for those who have had previous financial problems and have been reported to the end-to-end knowledge company or the Registry of Protests. Certainly there are simpler methodologies than others for obtaining credit: first of all, the possibility of requesting a fifth assignment, or a loan with bills, each with its own peculiarities and access limitations, but which at least do not require the use of a double signature with a guarantor, which extends the time and makes the preliminary phase more complex. And then there is the opportunity to obtain credit more quickly, when liquidity is urgently needed, turning to credit institutions and financial companies that operate online. Life is (relatively) simpler for employees and pensioners, but with a little perseverance in research it is possible to find a loan for self-employed workers and freelancers who have suffered protests or negative reports related to the failure to pay the installments of a previous financing.

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How to Ask for a Loan in the Bank http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/how-to-ask-for-a-loan-in-the-bank/ http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/how-to-ask-for-a-loan-in-the-bank/#respond Thu, 14 Mar 2019 14:57:40 +0000 http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/2019/03/14/how-to-ask-for-a-loan-in-the-bank/

How to apply for a loan? Funding is a solution that can be used to provide liquidity to realize a dream or a project, like buying a car or buying a house. The process is much simpler than one might think. And it can vary based on the type of loan that is required.

Documents and requirements

As already anticipated, the requirements for accessing a loan vary according to the specific type of loan.

Transfer of the fifth (of salary or pension)

For public and private employees or pensioners, the requested loan is extinguished through monthly deductions that can not exceed one fifth of the salary or pension (hence the name of the loan). You can request it by making an appointment at the branch.

Who can request the assignment of the fifth:

  • State employees;
  • Permanent private employees;
  • Private fixed-term employees;
  • Retired (both from the public sector and from the private sector).

Personal loan: the “loan for excellence”

A personal loan is a non-finalized form of financing, so the amount requested can be freely used to purchase goods or services. Employees or self-employed workers, artisans or entrepreneurs with an age between 18 and 70 can request it. The sum goes from a minimum of 200 euros up to a maximum of 75 thousand euros.

The necessary documents:

  • Valid ID and tax code;
  • Income documentation;
  • Passport and residence permit (for non-EU customers only);
  • Bill of a domestic user (on request).

Loan with proxy

The proxy loan is based on the possibility of those who have a credit to transfer it to third parties. In this way, you can request an extra loan, even without specifying its use and even if you already have an active loan. The proxy loan is also called double fifth because the monthly payment can reach up to 40% of the salary or pension.

Who can request the loan by proxy:

  • Exclusively employed permanent employees and with permanent contracts.

Debt consolidation loan

In the case in which a person has stipulated more loans, it is possible to extinguish them in a single solution, in practice “merging” them into a single loan with only one installment: it is the debt consolidation loan. Lighter installment, single monthly installment and lower rate are the advantages offered by this form of financing.

Advance Infratool

Infratool is the IPL Bank tool with which it is possible to request, immediately, the advance of the end of service treatment. I can access this form of funding all those who, in fact, can prove to have the right to receive the Infratool.

The documents to request the advance of the Infratool:

  • Infratool settlement report;
  • Two identity documents;
  • Fiscal Code;
  • Income documentation;
  • Iban to credit the amount of the early liquidation from the bank.

Apply for a loan without a paycheck

Apply for a loan without a paycheck

For those who do not have a fixed income, the solution to apply for a loan without a paycheck is the personal loan: the credit institution, in fact, will be able to assess whether or not to provide this type of loan even in the absence of an income fixed, however, that the figure is chosen by the guarantor (a third party that agrees to pay the installments if the applicant was not able).

How long does it take to get the loan

How long does it take to get the loan

The waiting time of the loan changes according to the type of loan:

  • Personal loan and proxy loan: approximately ten working days;
  • Assignment of the fifth: it can take two / three weeks.
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Turn on a mortgage or get a payday loan in complete safety http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/turn-on-a-mortgage-or-get-a-payday-loan-in-complete-safety/ http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/turn-on-a-mortgage-or-get-a-payday-loan-in-complete-safety/#respond Mon, 25 Feb 2019 04:05:00 +0000 http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/2019/02/25/turn-on-a-mortgage-or-get-a-payday-loan-in-complete-safety/

Are you thinking about buying or moving house? Would you like the car of your dreams so much but the cost scares you?
If you are considering the possibility of starting a mortgage or requesting a loan, here are some quick and simple tips to move in complete safety and peace of mind.
The first step is to ask yourself if this is the right time to do it, based on a summary analysis of your monthly and fixed costs and income.

It is necessary to ask, in fact, if the family budget is in balance and what monthly amounts you could sustain at medium or long term.
If, after this reflection, you think you can proceed, our advice is to inform you with precision on what, in technical language, your “creditworthiness” is defined.
What you consider fit for your skills is not always, in fact, the assessment of the bank or of those who must grant you a loan. But what are we talking about exactly?

What is “credit reliability?”

If you have always been regular and punctual in payments you are what is called a “good payer”. Your credit situation is therefore positive and you are reliable in case you want to apply for a new loan or loan.
All information in your credit history is contained in the SIC, credit information systems, archives that banks and other credit institutions consult before approving financing.
And based on the information obtained, judge your “creditworthiness”.
If you want to understand how much your current credit situation and past payments behavior for other financing can affect the assessment of your creditworthiness, Advanti is the answer you are looking for.

What are the other elements to consider?


It should always be kept in mind that each credit institution discreetly follows its own decision-making policy and has its own criteria for assessing creditworthiness.
The decision whether or not to grant a credit also depends on other information, such as socio-economic information: the age of the applicant, the stability and type of work, the income and the sustainability of a new installment on the family budget…
Furthermore, the possible presence of information from public sources, such as protests, legal mortgages and foreclosures, which can make access to financing more difficult, should not be overlooked.

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the cheapest loan is available if you borrow at least 25,000 euros http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/the-cheapest-loan-is-available-if-you-borrow-at-least-25000-euros/ http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/the-cheapest-loan-is-available-if-you-borrow-at-least-25000-euros/#respond Mon, 24 Dec 2018 17:27:00 +0000 http://www.dsstudio-prod.com/2018/12/24/the-cheapest-loan-is-available-if-you-borrow-at-least-25000-euros/

Is the cheapest loan also the best loan for you? That may sound strange because why should we pay more than necessary? The answer is that the loan must fit you. In addition, banks work with a credit score report. Not everyone gets the lowest interest.

Lowest interest

To be right at home with the door: the cheapest loan is only available if you borrow at least 25,000 euros. Up to 75,000 – 100,000 euros can be borrowed. The lowest interest rate from advertisements only applies if you take out a high credit. The majority of people want an ordinary credit up to roughly 15,000 euros. The interest on these loans is higher than with a credit of 50,000 euros. Furthermore, the loan must fit into your budget. The banks keep a certain minimum limit what customers must earn before they can take out a loan. These limits depend on your personal situation. If you have a family with children, you need a higher income to borrow than someone who is single. The revolving credit has a slightly more favorable interest than the personal loan.

Which credit score report do you get?

In addition to the income and the family situation, a number of other factors also count towards the determination of the interest. An important factor for borrowing is whether you have a permanent employment contract. People with a temporary job (temporary work phase C) can also qualify for a loan. Furthermore, it is checked whether you have already borrowed before and the credit score report is checked if you have outstanding debts outstanding. Debts at Wehkamp, ​​a telephone subscription with mobile, red cards, customer cards and a credit card are also debts. Owning a home makes a big difference when applying for a loan. Your personal information ultimately determines a credit score report. This credit score report largely determines the level of your interest. The higher you score in the credit score report, the lower the interest will be on your loan. The cheapest loan is therefore strongly determined which credit score report you achieved.

Terms and conditions revolving credit
– Age between 25 – 68 years
– No negative credit score report listing
– Permanent work
– Temporary job with employment contract (stage B or C)
– WIA / WAO (structural)

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