Services Provided By Shipping And Cargo Agencies

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Freight forwarding is a very common area of business these days. You’d see many shipping agencies popping up around your town and you’d wonder do they even have many customers? Well, yes they do. People find freight forwarding to be very convenient nowadays and hence use such services very often. Shipping agencies do more than the usual transportation of goods. So here are some of the services they provide.

  1. Various cargo services

Well, the most obvious service is cargo services; however there are a few types of it. One is break bulk where the cargo which is not in containers but rather in bags and barrels are loaded and unloaded. This stuff should be handled with care since they are not safely packed in containers. Such things include cement, crude oil, fertilizers etc. Project cargo is another type. Here, heavy and valuable equipment which are needed for intended projects are transported. There are 40 foot shipping container for sale that would help you in transporting such large equipment.

  1. Documentation

Documentation is the most hated activity by businessmen. Cargo agencies will help you out to get all the necessary documents such as bill of lading, certificate of origin, freight invoicing, quality certificates etc. They would do the needful by presenting them to the relevant authorities and making sure your goods are safe and will have a smooth journey.

  1. Customs brokerage services

Getting through customs can be the hardest part in shipping items. Your cargo agency will help you with all the details of customs laws, rules and regulations, payment of duties and tariffs etc. so that your goods can be easily imported or exported with minimum hazards.

  1. Warehousing and distribution

If you have not arranged a storage facility for your reliable shipping container when arrived at the intended destination, you need not worry. Cargo agencies will arrange space for you so that you could store all your goods till you find a storage facility. Also, they will provide you with distribution services to the vendor you are delivering the goods to. Door to door services are also offered by them.

  1. Vessel husbanding

All activities done regarding the ship while at the port are known as husbanding. These will include custom formalities, fueling, repairing and also supplying fresh water while at sea, crew changing, supplying spare parts etc. Husbanding is very important at every port since this is what will prepare the ship for its next voyage.